LotteryMaster is a Genuine Online Lotto Messenger Service 

LotteryMaster presents a service for online lottery messenger. It was registered in Malta in 2011 and provides 12 of the big payout lotteries in the world such as MegaMillions, US Powerball, SuperEnalotto, and EuroMillions.


LotteryMaster Review

The website is available in four languages; French, Deutsch, English and Russian and five currencies are used which are Canadian Dollars (CAD $), Euro (€), British Pound (£), US Dollars ($) and Australian Dollars (AUD $).

Is LotteryMaster a Genuine Service?

Research indicates that LotteryMaster is a legit lottery website. Safe Global Payments Limited is its parent firm, whose location and registration is in Malta at Valletta, 28/19 Strait Street, VLT1432. The Malta Gaming Authority is famous because of its stringent regulation of gambling and e-games platforms.

Lotterymaster buys physical tickets for its players which is more proof that this is a legit service. A representative purchases an entry then she or he scans it. After this, the player can view it through his/her account.
Lotto Games accessible for Players

LotteryMaster offers players the opportunity to make significant wins in 12 of the globe’s lotteries that pay high amounts. These are:

· MegaMillions
· US Powerball
· Oz Lotto
· EuroMillions
· SuperEnalotto
· UK Lotto
· Canada Lotto 6/49
· La Primitiva
· BonoLotto
· New York Lotto
· El Gordo
· EuroJackpot

Purchasing Tickets

Before players can participate in one or multiple jackpots provided by LotteryMaster, they should set up an account. The red button for ‘Sign Up’ will direct players to a registration form which requires their full names, password, email, date of birth, country of origin and active mobile telephone number.

The top menu option of ‘Play Lottery’ takes players to the full list of participating lotteries that they can join. When they get the lottery they want, players can press the red button for ‘Play.’

The service will display a page with an implicit version of the official ticket of the game. Players can submit their lucky digits by clicking them one by one. But, if they are in a hurry or do not want to put too much consideration into it, they can make use of the ‘Quick Pick’ feature which automatically fills each of the lines with digits for them.

Players can also join a syndicate or group. But, players can just choose the number of shares; the system automatically sums up the entry quantity. It is more costly to play as part of a group and get a high share. But, the higher winning prospects make syndicate or group play worth investing.

Syndicate and single entry options both need players to select how many draw dates they want to join. They can choose to subscribe to draws of four weeks using similar combinations. After finishing, players can click on ‘Continue;’ to go to the checkout page.

LotteryMaster enables players to use online balances and direct payments to submit payment of their entries. The service allows significant credit card payments through Mastercard, Visa, American Express and JCB. Players can use their balance also in e-wallets like Qiwi, Yandex, and iDeal for paying their tickets.

When players wish to deposit money in their account balance, they should press the top menu option of ‘My Account’ and merely choose the deposit option they want. A few minutes after paying, players will note a rise in their balance.

Claiming Prizes

LotteryMaster provides a ticketing service, and the purchasing offices are located in every country where the games they offer on their website are registered. After players finalize their tickets payment, a representative from the local office of the company will buy an original entry from the certified game organization.

The remote branch is going to scan and upload the image of the document as verification that LotteryMaster has bought the entry. As a player, you can access it in the option for ‘My Account’ beneath the ‘Tickets’ tab. 

The ticket shall be kept safely in the office. After the publication of all official results of a draw by the organization, representatives will immediately scan each of the tickets in their relevant safe for likely matches.

The agent shall claim any non-jackpot prize for the player and deposit this amount in their online balance. Players can later withdraw it afterward. If players win a huge prize, they will be requested to go to the country of origin of the game.

The local office shall provide players with their physical entry and direct them through the procedure of claiming their winnings. LotteryMaster retains the right to ask for documents to confirm the identity of the player. It has the power also to keep all the secondary and primary winnings if the representatives are unable to investigate the integrity of the player.

User Experience

The site for LotteryMaster mainly has light colours; but it uses darker hues to highlight its buttons, which makes it intuitive and user-friendly. The top-level menu indicates all the necessary options required by the player such as ‘Lottery Results & Info,’ ‘Play Lottery,’ ‘Support’ and ‘My Account.’

The home page indicates all the games present in small cards which show their grand prize, the time remaining before the draw as well as a button for ‘Play Now’ which gives players the convenience of joining quickly.

The website’s responsive design facilities its smooth operation in smartphone screens that are smaller. All the elements of the site become sufficiently large for thumbs to interact and navigate with. The top menu is a context menu situated on the screen’s top-right section.

Eligibility for Playing

Only players who are 18 years of age and more who reside outside the U.S., Singapore, Turkey, and Israel can utilize LotteryMaster’s services. But, it is advisable for players to know their local laws concerning online lotteries and gambling and ensure they are not breaking any regulations when they register for LotteryMaster.


LotteryMaster offers many superior quality games. Although the lotteries are only twelve, the lotteries can make a lucky player become a multimillionaire immediately. The service carries out scans which indicate all the entries’ serial numbers, showing it is a company that is reliable and honest.

LotteryMaster offers reliable customer service, authentic tickets and ideal games around the globe and is an excellent option for anyone who wishes to play the online lottery.