Sunday, December 24, 2017

Dupla Sena Winner Makes Her Dream Come True

Dupla Sena
Dupla Sena is a Brazilian lottery game that is actually very simple and fun. It is very popular among all citizens, and it is hosted twice per week on national television. Many people choose to spend a small amount in order to have a few chances of winning a small or big prize. All a player must do is select 6 numbers out of 60. If he manages to get 4 or more numbers from the lottery, then he is one of the winners of Dupla Sena. 

Jackpot Chance 

There is always the chance of getting zero winners from a lottery. The money that has already been gathered for the winners is automatically transferred to the next week’s prize. Therefore, whenever there is a jackpot at Dupla Sena, the winning amount is significantly higher. 

Gabriela’s Jackpot 

Gabriela was a college student when she won the amazing jackpot prize of 15 million BRL [almost 5 million US dollars]. She had played Dupla Sena before, and she was her father’s lucky charm when she was little. She used to indicate the numbers her father should play. Now, as a college student, she hoped she could finish college and then study abroad to be a pediatrician. 

She found how to play Dupla Sena online, and created an account. From there she could pick her favorite numbers and play right before every lottery began. She often played her father’s favorite numbers or even called him back home to tell her half of the numbers. This way, it was a team game, and Gabriella enjoyed it very much. 

After 2 months of playing, Gabriella couldn’t believe in her eyes when she saw her winning ticket. She had won 15 million BRL, one of the largest amounts Dupla Sena has ever offered. 

Dreams and Goals 

Gabriella wanted to help as many people as possible ‘’I helped my family, my brothers, and sisters, but also my friends back home and in college’’. She saved money for her education and was accepted to a New York’s medical school. Dupla Sena has managed to change her life, and help her reach her goals. 

Gabriella chose to tell her story, in order to inspire other people. Winning money doesn’t mean that you will be any different. Engage in a fun game and have the opportunity to win money that will make a difference in your and your beloved ones’ lives. 

Dupla Sena: A National Game 

You can even play Dupla Sena online, without having to go outside to purchase a ticket. For all Brazilians, Dupla Sena is a national game that they play every week. Especially with its double choice, a player can double his chances of winning with only one ticket. 

Any local has played Dupla Sena at least once in his life. Keep up your presence steadily and preserve your opportunity of being the next big winner!